Porter Cable 356V Sander Review

Porter Cable 362V Belt Sander Review

Whether you’re an amateur DIYer or someone with years of experience fixing things and making them brand new, you know just how much you can get done with a quality belt sander in your tool kit. However, finding one with enough power to suit your projects might leave you feeling a little lost unless you’re willing to invest hundreds or thousands for a commercial grade machine.

What if there was a belt sander out there that wouldn’t cost a fortune but was tough enough to handle any jobs you could throw at it, either professionally or on DIY jobs at home? One with enough power to make light work of any sanding job but without being too tough to maneuver or cause you strain after just a few minutes.

Side Ticket With Warnings

The Porter Cable 362V Sander is just that machine, and it’s packed full of features that would make any home or commercial user happy to use. This powerful machine is built tough and has been designed for ergonomic use, meaning you can put in hours of work without feeling a thing except for the results you can see right in front of your eyes.

About The Product

Porter Cable has been a trusted name in power tools for over 100 years, and for many Americans the only brand they’ll trust for their professional and home hardware needs. Their Variable Speed Belt Sander is one of their most popular products and a power tool that encompasses everything they stand for with quality and power behind it.

The 362V Belt Sander by Porter Cable has a powerful 12Amp motor running it and is ideal for any job you can throw at it. When you make the choice to invest in this quality product for your home or professional workshop you’ll be getting:

  • Variable speed dial which changes from 1,000 to 1,500 SFPM;
  • Motor located over platen;
  • ​Comes with 100G belt, operating manual and dust bag assembly;
  • 4” x 24” belt for bigger jobs;
  • Ergonomic design for more comfortable handling;

For anyone looking to invest in a new belt sander who doesn’t have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spend this is the product for you.

Ergonomic Handle On Sander

This tool can deliver on power and is supremely easy to handle, so it’s great for even beginner sanders right up to those who do it as part of their profession. Any job you can find that requires a shaping and finishing of wood and more, the Porter Cable Variable Speed Sander will make light work of it.

Pros And Cons Of The Porter Cable Sander

This is one of the better choices you have for a 4” sander, with the main selling point being its power. When compared to others on the market, and especially in this price range, you’ll be hard pressed finding anything with enough power so it’s especially ideal for those using it commercially or who have a lot of DIY work to do.

The design of this in terms of ergonomics makes it one of the easier belt sanders to operate, and you won’t find yourself getting fatigued or sore after just a little use. Because the belt is so large it’s great for all sizes of projects and you’ll only have to work half as hard to get the same results, making it even better value for money.

The only real issue that’s been pointed out by reviewers of this sander has to do with the dust collector port. Although it shows you how to set it up, the attachment is of poor quality and many users struggled with it. Some people found that hooking their vacuum up to the port worked better as the collector bag it came with didn’t seal correctly.

Where To Buy The Porter Cable Belt Sander

Once you’re ready to upgrade your tool kit and invest in a quality and powerful belt sander, you can find the Porter Cable Variable Speed Sander for the lowest price through Amazon.

When you purchase with this online shopping portal, you can get it for around $250 which also includes free shipping. For members of Prime, you’ll get it express shipped so you can start using it on your projects within just a couple of days.

The Porter Cable Belt Sander is covered by an exceptional three-year warranty which can give you great peace of mind that you’re investing in a quality tool. It’s rare to find something so extensive in a power tool these days, so you can be sure that you’re getting excellent value for money even if the worst should happen.

Porter Cable 362V Belt Sander

Source: Sander.solutions

To add even more to your toolkit, it’s always best to invest in a few spare sanding belts that fit this device. Depending on the type of jobs you do, there are different types of belts that suit so be sure to shop around Amazon until you find the right one. Some will allow you to combine postage as well, so you can receive your package all at once.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a 12Amp belt sander, you really can’t do any better than the Porter Cable Variable Speed Belt Sander. This mighty device ticks all of the boxes in quality, power, ergonomics, and functionality, so it’s the only belt sander you’ll ever need.

Whether you’re planning on using it for jobs and projects around the home or taking it along to your job to use in a commercial way, you won’t be disappointed with everything this belt sander can offer. To purchase the Porter Cable Sander for yourself click here to check it out.

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