Porter Cable 352VS Belt Sander Review

Porter Cable 352VS Belt Sander Review

Although we know just how important it can be to have the right power tool in our arsenal, finding one that meets all of your requirements can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many powerful devices around, it can be tough to get one that’s ideal for the home user without taking too much away from its strength.

When you spend hours on your favorite hobby whether it’s woodworking, cabinet making, home improvement, or DIY jobs every now and then, you know especially that a belt sander is one of these power tools that come in handy.

Most of the models that dominate the market are far too costly and far too powerful to suit the needs of a home workshop like yours, and so the idea seems like a stretch.

Porter Cable 352VS

What if there was a belt sander that combined all of the best features of the more expensive styles but placed into a compact device so that it could fit perfectly in with your needs as a home improvement specialist? The Porter Cable 352VS Belt Sander is exactly that power tool, and it’s a dream to operate and own for anyone who loves woodworking, cabinet making, and more.

About The Product

As one of the most respected name in power tools, Porter Cable has a long history of creating innovative products that make life easier. This iconic company invented the first portable belt sander, which is why it’s not surprising that they’re still wowing customers with products like the 352VS Sander.

The Porter Cable 352VS Sander has been made with the home handyman in mind, backed by an 8Amp motor it’s got just the right amount of power for most of the jobs you require. When you purchase this Porter Cable Belt Sander, you’ll be getting:

  • 3” x 21” variable speed belt;
  • All metal housing for stability;
  • ​360-degree adjustable top nozzle for dust collection;
  • Porter Cable’s patented gear system makes for quiet operation;
Porter Cable 352VS Review

Although you might assume that a product as cheap as this can’t give you what you need, but it’s got all of the features of an expensive model and with the reduced amount of power you need for domestic use. Porter Cable is known for their amazing range of belt sanders, and the 352VS is no exception.

Pros And Cons Of The Porter Cable Sander

The best thing about this belt sander is how light it is compared to others, which makes it a great fit for anyone looking to do vertical or overhead work. If you’ve been looking at this one at wondering what the main difference is to competitors in the same price range, this is certainly the standout feature.

One slight issue with the design revolves around the dust collector. Though this model does come with its own dust collection facility, if you’re hoping to attach a vacuum or anything else to it then you’ll notice it doesn’t fit. If this is important for your woodworking or other carpentry, you’ll need to look outside of the Porter Cable brand.

Whether you’re new to operating a belt sander or a seasoned professional, this is one of the easier models to use. The belt sander is easy to adjust and it’s simple to change the belts when you need to, so if you’re looking for a quality introductory belt sander for your home workshop this is it. With a quick release belt change lever, you can do it in one action and then get on with the task at home.

Where To Buy Porter Cable Belt Sander

For those looking to add a quality belt sander to their home workshop, you’ll be pleased to know that the Porter Cable 352VS Belt Sander is available for a heavily reduced price through Amazon. When you shop now through the online portal, you’ll get this belt sander for just under $170 which is around $100 cheaper than comparable models.

Amazon will also ship the belt sander for free, and if you’re lucky enough to be an Amazon Prime customer then you’ll have it shipped for free by express postage. This means that within just two days your Porter Cable Belt Sander will be in your hands and ready for action.

Porter Cable 352VS Review

Source: Sander.solutions

To ensure you’re ready for action, it’s best to have some spare belts on hand which you can also purchase through Amazon for a discounted price. The best recommendation for the Porter Cable 352VS is a pack of grit cloth sanding belts which work well with woods and other soft materials.

This belt sander is covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty which is exceptional given the price of this product, but you’ll be able to purchase an additional three years of coverage with Amazon’s unique Protection Plan option. For just over $15 you can get this extra three years which includes mechanical and electrical faults, so you have a total of six years warranty.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who enjoys a spot of woodworking or home handyman jobs understands just how essential a quality belt sander is, and when you find one as good as this you’ll know why. The Porter Cable Belt Sander will make your favorite hobbies that much more enjoyable with its powerful capability and easy to use design.

This is the top choice of belt sander for even the most amateur woodworker and you’ll have no trouble at all perfecting it, and the seasoned woodworker will be impressed with its quality too. To invest in a quality Porter Cable product and add their 352VS Belt Sander to your toolkit, click here to purchase it today

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