Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review

Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review

When you think of power tools for the American home, there’s one name that should instantly spring to mind: Makita. This company has been creating innovative and powerful devices for both home and commercial use, and their 9403 Belt Sander is an exceptional example of this quality.

With everything carefully thought out, it’s one of the easiest devices to operate without losing any of its power.

Holding Makita 9403 Belt Sander

If you’re someone who regularly uses a belt sander for DIY projects or other odd jobs around the home, you’ll be impressed by the small features that work together to make this the device it is. With the right belt sander such as this, you can achieve the smooth finish you always dreamed of and with minimal effort on your part.

About The Product

This is a standout device compared to others in its class, with everything you look for in a power tool for this price range. The Makita 9403 Belt Sander offers:

  • Powerful 11Amp motor
  • 4” wide belt and speeds of up to 1640ft/min
  • 84dB of sound during operation, making it the quietest in its class
  • Dust bag with 360 degrees of swivel
  • Design allows flush sanding to walls

These are just a few of the standout features, all intended to make this one of the easiest belt sanders to use. Not only does it have the right stuff to make it a breeze to operate, but it’s powerful and quiet together at once which makes it exceptional when compared to others on the market.

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By far the best thing about the Makita Belt Sander is the low noise level, with levels lower than any other comparable sander in its class. This means you can use it at night or early mornings without irritating your loved ones or neighbors, so it’s ideal for the home user who wants to get their work done while everyone else is asleep.

Makita 9403 With Cloth Dust On Table

When operating the Makita Belt Sander, you’ll instantly feel just how little work it takes to get it to power through your jobs. This means you can spend hours sanding away without any fatigue, making it great for both home use and commercial jobs too. It’s easy to control as well, so for such a powerful machine, you’ll be amazed at the smoothness and stability it offers.

One issue with this which makes it slightly less practical than others is that it’s not variable speed, so it does limit you somewhat, but this is clearly labeled when you purchase it so there’s no deception. For the price range, there are other models you can get with this option, so it really depends on the user and how important the variable speed function is for them.

Where To Buy The Makita Belt Sander

If you’ve done your research and have settled on the innovation and quality that only Makita can offer, next you’ll need to find the best deal for your money. Currently, Amazon has this powerful device listed for under $240 which is far better than you’ll find in the stores and without any of the fuss.

Not only can you get it for this great price, but you’ll have it shipped to your door for free. Amazon Prime members will not only get free shipping, but it will be sent express so that you’re guaranteed to receive it in just two days. This means you can get straight to work on any jobs you’ve been waiting to do, and enjoy it thoroughly with your brand new Makita.

Makita 9403 With Cloth Dust Bag


Makita offers just a one year warranty on this device, which isn’t as great as it could be for the price range. However, Amazon offers additional coverage on mechanical and electrical faults with a Four Year Protection Plan for under $30. This means you get the 12-month manufacturers’ warranty and another four years on top, giving five years of coverage for just one low price.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who likes ease of use and little disruption from their power tools, you’ll be pleased to have found the Makita Belt Sander. This unique device offers the lowest sound levels of anything in its class, so it’s ideal for the home user who wants to keep things quiet as they work on their projects around the house.

When you’re ready to put your faith in the trusted Makita brand and invest in the 9403 Belt Sander, purchase through Amazon for the best price. You’ll be amazed at just how smooth and quiet a power tool can be, without compromising on quality and power.

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