Black And Decker Dragster Belt Sander Review

Black And Decker Dragster Belt Sander Review

If you’re someone who has plenty to do around the home or you’re always working on your latest DIY projects, you know the importance of having the right power tools on hand. However, while there are plenty of great devices out there, and in particular belt sanders, finding one that’s compact enough to suit your home workshop can be a tough feat.

Usually, when you do find one small enough for your needs they’re lacking in power or sacrifice in some other area just to get you the compact size. However, the latest range of power tools is ready to change the game for good with lightweight but effective items that you can add to your home workshop.

For someone who knows they rely on a belt sander from time to time, you’ve probably found traditional models to be too bulky and running on far more power than you need. That’s why a front roller style is the best friend of any home improvement enthusiast and in particular one from a trusted brand name in power tools.

The Black and Decker Dragster Belt Sander is exactly that, providing power and stability in a small package that would suit any home handyman or DIY project lover. With this one device, you can get rid of your larger and bulkier power tools without losing the power you need, and for just a fraction of the rest.

About The Product

There are a few names known to Americans that are synonymous with home power tools and innovative machinery intended to make your life easier, and Black and Decker are certainly up there with the best.

This company has been making storage and power tools that the average American loves and uses, and their Dragster Belt Sander is one of the best products for those who love home improvement.

The Black and Decker Dragster Belt Sander is a compact and lightweight belt sander with a front roller design, intended to get into the tightest of corners and reduce the need for flush sanding. With this pocket rocket in your toolkit, you’ll make light work of your home improvement and DIY projects without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

This belt sander is great for the home user thanks to its compact size and reduced power with a 6.0Amp motor, and it’s packed full of innovative features.

  • 3” x 21” belt sander;
  • Retractable handle with three positions for optimum control;
  • ​Dust collector to keep workspace clean;
  • Lightweight and compact at just over 6lbs;

If you’ve been wanting to add a power tool to your home workshop but didn’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars just for the added help, the Black and Decker Dragster Belt Sander could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Pros And Cons Of The Porter Cable Sander

When you consider the low cost of this device, there’s quite a lot to say about its good features. This isn’t a power tool that’s going to be the strongest of them all though, with a motor about half the size of belt sanders that run into the hundreds. However, for what you pay and the size you get, you certainly won’t have any problems with it.

There are a few features which stand out on the Black and Decker, with the main one being its compact size and lightweight feel. This means you can easily move it around as you need with being fatigued, provided you aren’t trying to sand back too much for too long as you might hope to do with a professional sander.

Best of all, it won't make too much noise so it’s ideal for those who like to work late hours or early mornings.

The main issue that the Black and Decker Dragster Belt Sander is to do with the belt, as some users have found it moves around during use. However, provided you set it up correctly on your first go this shouldn’t be an issue. If the problem continues, though, those who have attempted a refund for a faulty product were happy to have theirs replaced as good as new.

Where To Buy Black And Decker Dragster Belt Sander

If you’ve been shopping around for a belt sander you know they can easily go into the hundreds and even thousands, which is why this is such an amazing product. When you buy your Dragster Belt Sander through Amazon, you’ll pay a little over $50 for it with free shipping included.

This is hundreds of dollars cheaper than other sanders and it’s ideal for anyone only wanting to use theirs at home.

Black & Decker DS321 Dragster On White Background


Another bonus to buying through Amazon is for members of Amazon Prime, as they’ll receive the belt sander in just two days with free shipping. This means any job you were hoping to get to by the weekend can be easily taken care of for no extra cost.

Although this is a cheap sander, it doesn’t mean you have to lose anything on the warranty. Black and Decker offer a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty for the Dragster Belt Sander which is more than even the most expensive models. For even more coverage, you can get a four-year Protection Plan from Amazon for under $10 which means you have six years in total.

Final Thoughts

As far as compact and lightweight belt sanders go, this is definitely one of the most superior brands and models you can choose. Not only does the Black and Decker Dragster Belt Sander cost just a fraction of other belt sanders, but it’s got enough power in it to keep the home improvement enthusiast very happy.

To add the Black and Decker Dragster Belt Sander to your home workshop, click here to purchase it today. Within just days you could be enjoying this innovative approach to belt sanding, and have your very own power tool to save yourself time and money.

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